Roller shutter motor supply

Fuji- 300kgs,Fuji- 500kgs, Fuji- 600kgs, Fuji- 800kgs, Fuji- 1000kgs


FUJIHOME shutter door motors are widely used for openning and closing the rolling shutter door of industrial door, supermarket door,commercial door, storehouse, cinema, hotel and so on, It can be operated by electricity and manual.


1) Shell: Aluminum alloy, solid and light ,easy to install and maintain.Left or Right Installations is OK.

2) It can be Operated by Electricity and Manual.

3) HEAVY DUTY SPEC Durable ,Compact Design, low energy comsumption With low noise.

4) It has Four Relays inside make sure it save character, Four micro switches inside

5)FUJIHOME Remote control: long-distance operation.( Fully import)

6) Brake structure: special device mechanical brakes, power cut off in an instant the brakes, to ensure absolute safety brake.(Premium quality)

7) Anti-dropping device: Preventing accidental injury and ensure safety

8) Thermal efficiency protection device, protect rolling door from damage and motor burned.