Fujioh Cooker Hood – Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Where is FUJIOH cooker hood made?

FUJIOH cooker hood is made in Japan

2. What is your cooker hood warranty period?

All FUJIOH cooker hoods are given 3 years warranty on the motors and the switches against manufacturing defects.

3. What is the lifespan of FUJIOH cooker hood?

More than 15 years usage lifespan.

4. What is the dimension of FUJIOH cooker hood?

We have various models ranging from 890mm to 1200mm.

5. What is the ideal width for a normal cooker hood?

FUJIOH cooker hoods width ranging from 890mm to1200mm.

6. How efficient are FUJIOH cooker hoods?

FUJIOH cooker hoods are designed to capture up to 96% oil fumes with its revolutionary Atmospheric Pressure System (APS).

7. Will the oil fumes stick at the rectifier panel?

No. The oil fumes will only condense and stick on the filter.

8. What is the function of the rectifier panel?

There are five (5) important functions:
  1. i) Prevent condensed oil dripping onto cooker top.
  2. ii) Stop flames from burning to the filter and motor.
  3. iii) Enhance condensation process.
  4. iv) Create an Atmospheric Pressure System (APS), where low pressure atmosphere within the cooker hood and high pressure atmosphere outside the cooker hood allow the panel to gather up to almost 100% of smoke and oil fumes.
  5. v) Reduce the noise level created by the fan.

9. What is the material of the rectifier panel?

Stainless steelModel – GFP 900V/R, MF 1100V
Fire & rust proof steel (galvanized)Model – FS 890V/R, GFP 900V/R, MF 1100V

10. What is the material of the filter?

FUJIOH cooker hoods
Silicon coated aluminumModel – FS 890V/R, 800MK2V/R, GFP 900V/R, F 99V/R, MF 1100V & F1200IV

11. What is the function of the silicon coated aluminium filter?

It enhances quick condensation of oil fumes and separates the oil contents, which is a nuisance during cooking.

12. What is the diameter of the ducting?

FUJIOH cooker hoods ducting are made of aluminium and 6 inches in diameter.

13. Do you change the ducting system?

Our recommendation is to change the ducting every 10 years.

14. What is FUJIOH cooker hood body made of?

FUJIOH cooker hood body is made of rust proof steel except Model F 99V/R where it is made of Stainless Steel 304.

15. Is there any colours selection for FUJIOH cooker hoods?

Yes, FUJIOH Cooker Hood colours are available as follow:
Models/ ColoursChampagne Metallic
Rich Silver
Silver Metallic
Stainless Steel
GFP 900V/R
MF 1100V
FS 890V/R
F 99V/R
NL 900V/R
FX 900 V

16. Does FUJIOH cooker hoods consume high wattage?

No. The power consumption for the motor is below 100 watts for Model GFP 900.

17. How often do FUJIOH cooker hoods need servicing?

We recommend to do it once a year by our qualified technicians only.

18. What is normal installation?

Normal installation is defined for a ventilation unit that is inclusive of workmanship, hacking of one brickwall hole and we provide up to 10 feet of aluminum ducting.

19. Is your price inclusive of delivery and installation?

Yes. All prices are inclusive of delivery (within 30km radius from our showrooms, there are located at Cheras, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Seremban, Kuantan, Melaka, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu)

20. Do you still supply accessories and spare parts for discontinued model?

Our company policy is to keep the spare parts for 5 years from the last date of production of any particular models.